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The Farm


When Wyoming's lawmakers voted in 2017 to authorize the captive breeding and raising of Greater Sage-grouse in the state, Wyoming Game & Fish stepped in to provide certification regulations that would ensure a favorable environment for the bird. In January of 2018 Diamond Wings Upland Game Birds ("the Farm") became the first and only so-certified bird farm in the state.

Nestled in a high-desert valley in northwestern Wyoming, the Farm boasts over 10 netted acres and over three-quarters of a million game birds raised in recent decades. That history of bird breeding success drove Western States Sage Grouse Recovery Foundation to believe a partnership with the Farm could help make our vision of captive breeding a reality. Further hope for success came from the Calgary Zoo, which had recently managed to breed, hatch, and raise the bird in captivity. Applying similar science, and leaning on the Farm's wealth of experience, the Foundation and Farm have combined forces to develop the funding and research to pursue the captive breeding project. 


Next steps for the Farm include numerous enhancements and updates to ensure compliance and preparedness for the first eggs. Many of those changes are already underway, but will require the financial partnership of donors who share our goal of preserving the species and preventing an endangered listing. Updates include new flight pens, a major brooder barn remodel, modernized controls on a new incubator, development of exclusive sage grouse space at the farm, and the first wild sage grouse egg-gathering efforts, scheduled for spring 2020. The Foundation invites you to partner with us to bring those plans to fruition.

Preparing the Farm

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